Monday, November 5, 2018

Te Kauru camp-writing 2 draft

The fear fall

The second ride I went on was the fear fall,we waited in line for only 3 minutes the time finally came, I hopped on the seat between brylee and keira it slowly made its up to the top, all of a sudden it stopped I thought something was wrong and it raced  down to the very bottom.Keira and I screamed to the top of our lunges and everyone looked at us as soon as it was at the bottom I pounced out of my seat getting a ground shock.
Going up

At the top
Going down

Friday, September 14, 2018

My Day thursday2!

Every thusday and friday my principal know as sir for the pupils and john for adults,comes in to fill in for my other teacher. Today for the morning I had writing my writing is about convincing sir to change the water in the fountains to coke,and the other one is why we should have bubble gum at school and everyone had to agree. The pit stop bell went it was my reading rotation my group focussed on a poem,The Interval bell went also knowen as morinigtea.I'm in a math group called math legends i use to be in a group called math ninjas,i lernt how to use rounding and compensating with multiplication also knowen as times tables.I found that doing muliplication with rounding and compensating difficult,Because the way the layout was.  

Friday, August 17, 2018

round and compensating

I have been learning how to subtract using round and compensating because it helps you to caculate sums in your head. Its also easier to subtract numbers.